My kids, Ethan (13) and Lucy (11), are very busy. They participate in sports every season and live active lifestyles. Yes, these sports/activities refine their motor skills, hand eye coordination and focus on the muscle groups required to excel for the season. They were missing strength activities and an understanding the value weight lifting has on their body. As their parent I had a personal experience with CrossFit and saw my strength dramatically improve. They were skeptics during the day trial membership, thinking this was one more thing to add to their busy schedules. Three years later, they both are visibly stronger and CrossFit is a part of who they are. Under Dawn’s leadership they have been taught to focus on form and lift properly. The kids CrossFit program is 2 days a week, right after school for 45 minutes. It’s completely manageable, even with busy schedules.

Ethan was 10 and Lucy was 7 when they started. Kids of all ages, all sizes, all abilities can participate because it’s at their own pace. My kids favorite lifts are deadlift, bench press, back squat, and snatches. They get in the car and excitedly recite the WOD and how they individually performed. They have learned form, how to listen to/respect their body’s and are both very strong. They have personally built relationships with their coaches Dawn and Grace. They coach them to their fullest potential.

In 2015, Ethan hit 38 homeruns during his spring baseball season. In 2016, he hit 25 homeruns. Lucy earned a strength role on her competitive cheerleading squad and is trusted to ensure the flyer is safe. We attribute these successes to their increased strength, thanks to Dawn’s coaching.

In their words, “We like to lift, row, get a good workout and feel strong.” They were taught these life skills at a young age and that will help them focus on fitness throughout life.




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