Horacio Barroso

• CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certified

Having exercised at many gyms throughout his life, Horacio was excited to discover CrossFit. He started out using CrossFit exercises in his basement and saw instant results. He knew he needed to learn more. Once Horacio found CrossFit Sine Pari, the change has been amazing! With Dawn's expertise and encouragement, Horacio has even exceeded his own high expectations. The hardest part is following Dawn's advice to change his eating habits using the paleo way of eating. As the co-owner of El Mariachi Mexican Restaurant in Plumsteadville, Horacio knows firsthand that tortillas are not paleo! Horacio is certified in CrossFit Olympic Lifting and is working towards becoming a Level 1 Trainer. "H" (as he is known at CrossFit Sine Pari) is an inspiration to everyone he works out with and his enthusiasm and love for CrossFit is infectious. He is always happy to be at Dawn's box no matter what the WOD is and is looking forward to learning more and more about CrossFit.





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