Heidi Hoepler Barrosa

Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

I started playing soccer at an early age and conntinued throughout high school and after college. Fitness was always important to me and during college I joined a traditional gym to maintain my fitness. I wouldspend over two hours a night there trying to improve myself like a crazy person mostly on the treadmill or stair master to get my cardio in. I did this for probably a solid five years and really wasn’t getting reaching my goals despite the hours of hard work I was putting in. It wasn’t until my mom actually talked me into trying this new thing (at the time) called CrossFit. Apprehensive to change up my routine it took me about a year before I gave it a try. New Year’s Eve 2010 was my first class and I was hooked ever since. I have never had a better workout in my life and I loved the community of people that I am now part of. I am always eager to learn new skills, techniques and become a better CrossFitter mentally and physically so I became a Level 1 CrossFit trainer. I want to take my motivation and passion for CrossFit and use it to help others in their own fitness journey.





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