Dawn Bancroft

• Level I CrossFit Trainer
• CrossFit Level 2 Certificate Course
• CrossFit Power Lifting Course
• CrossFit Competitor Trainer Course
• CrossFit Endurance Coach
• CrossFit Kids Certified
• Tactical Forces Kettlebell Certified
• Olympic Weight Lifting Certified
• CrossFit Gymnastics Certified

My name is Dawn Bancroft and I am the owner of Bucks Elite Fitness/CrossFit Sine Pari. I have been in the fitness industry most of my life! I was a group fitness instructor for over 10 years, was a personal trainer for 15 years and really thought that I had all the answers as to how to get in shape. Boy was I misled and I was misleading all my clients and class participants.

I was first introduced to CrossFit by my son, who was in the Navy at the time. He called me one day and asked if I had ever heard of CrossFit and that it would be right up my alley. I had been hearing so much about CrossFit, I just had to go try it. I have spent most of my life exercising, lifting weights, teaching group fitness classes, and running marathons, so needless to say, I thought I was in pretty good shape. I decided to give CrossFit a try and...I could not believe what happened to me during this workout...my body was devastated!

If there was ever a magic pill (and there is no such thing as a magic pill) this is it! I was hooked! This is definitely the way to train! Forget those days of running for hours, doing countless leg lifts, and wasting hours in the gym. All you need is 45 minutes to an hour of CrossFit and you will never want to train any other way. If you want to be in the best shape of your life then you need to train like the best so train at Bucks Elite Fitness/CrossFit Sine Pari because there is NO EQUAL!


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